One of the most rare but beautiful things in life is the ability to listen! Its not when youre nudging with your head while the other person is speaking, its not when youre already having thousand thoughts in your mind what to answer when she is finished. Its listening with the intent to understand! I find it hard but also so important and so fascinating when the other person is really with you with all their cells and moleculs! Its like, you can trust your whole being to that other person, or, you become as one. Its like, theres no need for the words anymore because sometimes presence, breathing and feeling the other’s soul is all that you need to really understand each other!
And oh, how much our bodies have to say, if we really listen!


“The difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life is only a matter of perspective. Pull the blinds. Look around you. It is a mad, mad world and you do not require ten digit bank accounts to immerse yourself in it. Travel down dusty roads without a destination in mind. Climb a mountain and scream out into the void. Kiss the hell out of a stranger. Skinny dip in a lake. Get lost and lose yourself (they are two separate things). Explore the wilderness (especially the one within). Think less of destiny and more of the moment right here. Because when you are old and ill with your loved ones around you, fame won’t matter, nor will the extent of your wealth. You are the sum of the stories you can tell.”
– Beau Taplin

Models: Lidia Almeida and Tânia Rodrigues
MUA: One and only – naturality


I have to share this photo because of my huge love towards nude photography. Many people around me get often asked if they are interested of being my nude models, most of them dont have nothing against it, but the issue comes when im asking their permission to share those photos.
I highly admire people who are okey of sharing their nude photos but I also understand that in our society people do not approve it. In general, being naked in front of others is a tabu for us, its something weird. We are taught since very young to cover and hide a lot of things – we hide our faces under loads of layers of make-up, we cover our bodies and marks and feelingas as well. For some reason we are ashamed of something natural and beautiful. But how can we be truly happy when we are not okey with who we are?

“True beauty is unaware
Vulnerability is a tremendous gift
Because there is no fear
The rose is not afraid
It is there
And because of that we admire it
The divine feminine is not about competiting with other women
Its about forming the sisterhood!”

There will be loads of amazing photography projects of mine in the future, if you are interested, let me know! ❤️
Thank you Tânia and Lidia for sharing this beautiful monent with me!!

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When you are far from home during holidays ..

Who wouldnt dream spending New Year´s Eve somewhere exotic, far from home, surrounded by people with different backrounds or ways of seeing life. In a land which language is not so familiar and the food what is not exactley usual for us. Yes, we all secretly dream of adventures and facing our fears, doing something crazy, saying YES to things we thought we could never do..


..and then, we silently accept the usual and ordinary, we do not try to jump over our comfort zone, we just relax and let life carry us like a little fragile leaf.

To become a better, stronger and smarter. To handle everything what life brings to us, we have to be prepared. So getting out of the comfort zone is the very first step! However we see it, jumping off from the bridge, talking to a stranger, saying somebody we love them, there are different fears, everyone has their own frights to deal with. Second step is accepting. Saying “Yes, I am afraid of free falling and so what?!  I will jump off from the plane or off from the bridge, just to finally be free and be responsible of my own thoughts.” or “Yes, I really suck explaining my feelings because I dont know if I am loved back but I dont care, I say I love you because theres nothing to loose and even if you do not love me back, I still love you and I still want you to be happy!”


I used to be afraid of travelling alone, so 3 years ago I decided to go on a trip to Spain, from (Estonia to Spain) totally alone, I was scared as hell but I decided to get over this fear. Now, 3 years later, I am living in Portugal, only 4068km from my home. When I came I was alone too but you meet people, you make relationships and create a family.


Yes it is hard to be far from home, in a country where they do not speak your language, where they understand things differently, sometimes they dont understand at all but this is something we have to accept again. We are very different, we understand and see the world differently.


Christmas, the holidays of family is probably the most hardest time to be far from home. Homesickness, lack of love or coldness – these are some thoughts that might influence your whole body not to feel good. Mind starts creating different realities and thoughts to protect itself from something what is not exactley there. I was in this with all my being. I had hard times adapting present because I wasnt in the present. My mind was constantly in the future, imaging how I finally get to home to hug my family and how horrible these next 1,5 month will be without seeing them. Oh, and these neverending skype calls .. (Sorry mommy and sissy!)

But actually it is another weakness. I believe the third step is to understand what makes us feel like this. What brings out these fears again? Being afraid of not loved back, doing something, loosing something, being alone somewhere although there are so many people around who loves us. In my case, it was just the combination of being all the time cold, all the time in somewhere dark and spending much time alone because its too cold or too dark or too.. yes, just the little things, but the little things actually creates our life, the little things make the big ones in the end but the little things are also the easiest to solve. Turn on the heaters or crab a coffee with a friend when there is daylight outside. Talk when you are afraid! Do not be afraid to ask help. Nothing happens when we sit at home!


Finally, I had amazing Christmas, out in the countryside of Portugal, Miranda do Douro, with amazing Portuguese family. I tried wonderful foods, get to know really different way of celebrating Christmas, hugged a lot and not even expecting, I got presents. Not only things, I mean rather the feelings, the possibilities to actually be there, experience all this and be surrounded with so much love. #grateful


So in the end, we are the ones who create our future, crate our thoughts and life in general! Just by accepting that we have something inside and letting it in, changes already a lot. We also create the moments, we choose the people and conversations, we choose what we eat and what we dont. There are always options, we just have to listen to our heart. Thank you for one of the most amazing and eye opening Christmastime and New Year´s Eve, dear friends, you are the family I have here and I cannot be more grateful for that!


R.I.P. George Michael, who said amazing words:
“You never find peace in your mind until you listen your heart!”
Because home is where your heart is!


Fire with and within us..

This one is a story through rather scenes..

We had our last bigger trip few weeks ago to Drave (!4m2!3m1!1s0xd235d6c26be1ab1:0x72129770c80d5a78?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwinvpXx4vjPAhXLXRoKHbDcB9AQ8gEIGDAA) after all this area was burned. It was beautiful and sad at the same time. Nature itself is an art but after this kind of occasions turn nature´s scenery into living canvas. All green was turned to brownish-yellowish, only very few places had little green leaves or baby-flowers growing. Our surroundings were full of cremated trees, if you barely scraped yourself onto those, you bet you smudged your clothes. We were driving around and imaging ourselves living in those little villages before the fire came.. How can so beautiful thing at the same time be such a tragedy?

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Wild Camping in the South

ENG: Portugal is one of the countries what has blessed with all the best – mountains and ocean. Every year they hold here the competition of surfing the world´s biggest waves but besides that Portugal has also wonderful nature. Yes, those mountains are not the biggest here but for me – an estonian girl are these mountains more than enough! Our biggest mountain Munamägi (318m) comparing to Portuguese Serra da Estrela (1993m) is just a little hill! But lets keep the mountains and forests for the next time. This time I want to talk about south Portugal, which is known as the hottest and most visited tourist area in Portugal. Around there we spent our first 4 days.

EST: Portugal on üks riikidest, mida on õnnistatud kõige kõige paremaga – mäed ja ookean! Lisaks sellele, et siin toimuvad iga-aastaselt maailma kõige suurematel lainetel surfamise võistlused, on siin ka imeline loodus. Jah, need mäed pole küll kõige suuremad, kuid minu, kui eestlase jaoks on need ikka rohkem kui lihtsalt „hea“. Meie kõrgeim tipp – 318m Suur Munamäegi Portugali 2000meetrise Serra da Estrela kõrval on ikka künkake! Jätame need mäed ja metsad järgmiseks korraks. Sel korral räägin ma hoopiski Portugali lõuna piirkonnast, mida tuntakse kui kõige kuumemat ja külastatuimat turistipiirkonda Portugalis, justnimelt seal veetsimegi me oma esimesed 4 päeva.


ENG: Directly after arriving to Porto from Paris, my dearest friend picked us up from the airport and took to his place to rest because it had been long and crazy few weeks in Europe and even more adventures were waiting. In despite of that we actually started dancing, which lasted till the early morning hours. Yes, this is the reason why I like here – you never know!

EST: Otse pärast lennukilt mahahüppamist korjas minu suure südamega sõber meid autoga lennujaamast peale, viis enda poole, et meid siis kohe „puhkama“ panna. Kuna jõudsime päris hilja, selja taga oli juba mitu nädalat seiklusi Euroopas (sellest räägin lähemalt mõni teine kord) ja unemati ei jätnud jonni ning püüdis igatepidi meid oma unetolmuga magama panna. Juhtus ikkagi nii, et pärast kohale jõudmist, dussi, väikest näksi, hakkasime me hoopiski tantsima. See trall kestis hommikutundideni! Jah, just sellepärast mulle siin meeldibki, sest you never know mis juhtuda võib!



ENG: Lets get to the point now. Portugal is quite short from one way to other. You may get from Spain to ocean with few hours, the other way its a bit longer. Our adventure started near the capital, Lisboa. Lagoa de Albufeira, Sesimbra, which is known as the surfers paradise. In despite of all the surfers there we decided to go for a swimm and made our dinner-picnic there on top of the little hill. After what we drove to the place called Serra da Arrabida, in Setubal, where we spent our first night. The beach locates around half an hour drive from Sesimbra and is well known by its tasty fish and picturesque beaches.The prices are considerable, for example, our lunch for 3 costed almost 100 euros. And it was worth it! Before the lunch, during the lunch and even directly after we like cliff-diving. My friends went to catch the dessert LITERALLY from the bottom of the ocean. Check the video here:

EST: Aga asume siis asja kallale, Portugal on ühtepidi päris lühike, Hispaaniast ookeanini võid saada nii umbes paari tunniga, teisipidi aga kulub veidi rohkem aega. Meie seiklus algaski Portugali pealinna Lissaboni lähedal Lagoa de Albufeira´s, Sesimbras. See koht on tuntud kui lõhesurvarite paradiis. Hoolimata kümnetest lohesurfaritest  ujusime ookeanis ning pidasime sealse künkakese otsas päikeseloojangul piknikut. Edasi põrtuasime kohta nimega Serra da Arrabida, mis asub Setubalis. Kus veetsime oma esimese öö. Umbes poole tunnikese kaugusel olev rand on väga tuntud nii turistide kui ka kohalike seas. Sealsed restoranid pakuvad otse värskelt püütud mereande, hinnad on ka päris krõbedad! Näiteks meie, kolme peale kulutasime pea 100 eurot eelroa ja pearoaga. Aga oli tõesti väärt.  Pärast lõunasööki, enne lõunasööki ja isegi lõunasöögi ajal meeldib meile „cliff diving“ut harrastada. Sõna otseses mõttes läksid minu sõbrad magustoitu ise ookeanipõhjast püüdma. Videot saad näha siin:


ENG: At the end of the second day we drove even more to the south, to Portimao, where we slept in another beach, Praia da Rocha. Because nature gives us loads of good energy, we decided to go and dance in local bars. Deal it was! The only thing was that after these days we were smelling like fishermen and we even looked like we had jumped off directly from the ocean – messy hairs and faces burned by sun. Who goes to dance like this?! In Portimao there are many hotels with outdoor pools and showers. So we took our two things – towel and shampoo and walked into the pool, washed ourselves and then walked out again like nothing weird happened. So unbelievable like it is, nobody didnt say anything to us!

EST: Teise päeva õhtuks sõitsime veel rohkem lõunasse, Portimao´sse, kus ööbisime juba uues rannas, Praia da Rocha´s. Kuna looduses viibimine annab no nii palju energiat, otsustasime õhtul kohalikesse baaridesse tantsima minna. Kokku lepitud! Ainus häda oli aga selles, et olime mitu päeva ookeanivees supelnud, lõhnasime nagu kohalikud kalamehed, välja nägime ka umbes nagu oleks just merest välja karanud – juuksed takkus peas, näod päikesest ära põlenud – kes siis nii tantsima läheb?! Portimaos sees asub aga mitmeid hotelle välibasseinidega, kus on ka õueduššid olemas. Nii me siis võtsimegi oma kaks asja – käterätiku ja shampoonid, kõndisime nii muuseas hotelli basseinialasse ja hakkasime ennast pesema! Nii uskumatu kui see ka poleks, mitte keegi ei öelnud midagi!



ENG: After dancing in front of the local bars (we had two dogs with us so we couldnt go in), another night swimings in the ocean, loads of hugs and putting on the pyjamas, we fell asleep again in another paradise beach. Exactly this was the view when I opened my eyes in the morning.. May say it is the million dollar hotel!

EST: Tantsud tantsitud, öösuplemised ookeanis tehtud ja soojad riided selga aetud, nii uinusimegi taaskord uues rannas. Just täpselt sellise vaatepildiga ärkasin ma hommikul.. Võiks öelda, et see ongi miljoni dollari hotell!


ENG: In the morning we continued our way to Cascada do Moinho da Rocha where we gathered a lot of oranges and played Tarzans in the place called Tavira, Pego do Inferno, Santo Esteväo (watch video here: Which is known by its wonderful waterfall and beautiful river. During the summer when its very hot, you may only find few meter deep puddle!

EST: Hommikul jätkasime oma teekonda Cascada do Moinho da Rocha poole, kus korjasime kottideviisi apelsine ning mängisime tarsaneid kohas nimega Tavira – Pego do Inferno, Santo Esteväo (vaata videot siin: See koht on kevadeti tuntud kui imeilusa kose ja jõega paik, praegu – kuumadel ilmadel oli seal kõigest paari meetri sügavune lombike!

ENG: Our remembable journey ended 5 hours later,trying to see the sunset in Nazare rather in the beach of Obido, Foz do Arelho. We were racing with the sun until we managed to see the last minutes of the sunset swimming in that paradise.

EST: Meie uskumatu ja meeldejääv seiklus lõppes aga 5 tundi hiljem, suure kiirustamisega näha päikeseloojangut Nazares (just täpselt seal, kus toimubad suurte lainete võistlused) aga hoopiski Obido rannas Foz do Arelho. Jooksime päikesega võidu otse jääkülma ookeanisse ja veetsime viimased minutid vees.


ENG: For sure I will remember all those creative cliff-dives, salsa classes in super random places and morning naked swimmings, entartaining the local lifeguards.

EST: Kohe kindlasti jään ma mäletama kõiki neid kaljudelt vette hüppamisi, suvalistest kohtades salsatamisi ja hommikuti paljaid ujumisi, kohalike rannapoiste meelt lahutades.