I have to share this photo because of my huge love towards nude photography. Many people around me get often asked if they are interested of being my nude models, most of them dont have nothing against it, but the issue comes when im asking their permission to share those photos.
I highly admire people who are okey of sharing their nude photos but I also understand that in our society people do not approve it. In general, being naked in front of others is a tabu for us, its something weird. We are taught since very young to cover and hide a lot of things – we hide our faces under loads of layers of make-up, we cover our bodies and marks and feelingas as well. For some reason we are ashamed of something natural and beautiful. But how can we be truly happy when we are not okey with who we are?

“True beauty is unaware
Vulnerability is a tremendous gift
Because there is no fear
The rose is not afraid
It is there
And because of that we admire it
The divine feminine is not about competiting with other women
Its about forming the sisterhood!”

There will be loads of amazing photography projects of mine in the future, if you are interested, let me know! ❤️
Thank you Tânia and Lidia for sharing this beautiful monent with me!!

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When you are far from home during holidays ..

Who wouldnt dream spending New Year´s Eve somewhere exotic, far from home, surrounded by people with different backrounds or ways of seeing life. In a land which language is not so familiar and the food what is not exactley usual for us. Yes, we all secretly dream of adventures and facing our fears, doing something crazy, saying YES to things we thought we could never do..


..and then, we silently accept the usual and ordinary, we do not try to jump over our comfort zone, we just relax and let life carry us like a little fragile leaf.

To become a better, stronger and smarter. To handle everything what life brings to us, we have to be prepared. So getting out of the comfort zone is the very first step! However we see it, jumping off from the bridge, talking to a stranger, saying somebody we love them, there are different fears, everyone has their own frights to deal with. Second step is accepting. Saying “Yes, I am afraid of free falling and so what?!  I will jump off from the plane or off from the bridge, just to finally be free and be responsible of my own thoughts.” or “Yes, I really suck explaining my feelings because I dont know if I am loved back but I dont care, I say I love you because theres nothing to loose and even if you do not love me back, I still love you and I still want you to be happy!”


I used to be afraid of travelling alone, so 3 years ago I decided to go on a trip to Spain, from (Estonia to Spain) totally alone, I was scared as hell but I decided to get over this fear. Now, 3 years later, I am living in Portugal, only 4068km from my home. When I came I was alone too but you meet people, you make relationships and create a family.


Yes it is hard to be far from home, in a country where they do not speak your language, where they understand things differently, sometimes they dont understand at all but this is something we have to accept again. We are very different, we understand and see the world differently.


Christmas, the holidays of family is probably the most hardest time to be far from home. Homesickness, lack of love or coldness – these are some thoughts that might influence your whole body not to feel good. Mind starts creating different realities and thoughts to protect itself from something what is not exactley there. I was in this with all my being. I had hard times adapting present because I wasnt in the present. My mind was constantly in the future, imaging how I finally get to home to hug my family and how horrible these next 1,5 month will be without seeing them. Oh, and these neverending skype calls .. (Sorry mommy and sissy!)

But actually it is another weakness. I believe the third step is to understand what makes us feel like this. What brings out these fears again? Being afraid of not loved back, doing something, loosing something, being alone somewhere although there are so many people around who loves us. In my case, it was just the combination of being all the time cold, all the time in somewhere dark and spending much time alone because its too cold or too dark or too.. yes, just the little things, but the little things actually creates our life, the little things make the big ones in the end but the little things are also the easiest to solve. Turn on the heaters or crab a coffee with a friend when there is daylight outside. Talk when you are afraid! Do not be afraid to ask help. Nothing happens when we sit at home!


Finally, I had amazing Christmas, out in the countryside of Portugal, Miranda do Douro, with amazing Portuguese family. I tried wonderful foods, get to know really different way of celebrating Christmas, hugged a lot and not even expecting, I got presents. Not only things, I mean rather the feelings, the possibilities to actually be there, experience all this and be surrounded with so much love. #grateful


So in the end, we are the ones who create our future, crate our thoughts and life in general! Just by accepting that we have something inside and letting it in, changes already a lot. We also create the moments, we choose the people and conversations, we choose what we eat and what we dont. There are always options, we just have to listen to our heart. Thank you for one of the most amazing and eye opening Christmastime and New Year´s Eve, dear friends, you are the family I have here and I cannot be more grateful for that!


R.I.P. George Michael, who said amazing words:
“You never find peace in your mind until you listen your heart!”
Because home is where your heart is!


Fire with and within us..

This one is a story through rather scenes..

We had our last bigger trip few weeks ago to Drave (!4m2!3m1!1s0xd235d6c26be1ab1:0x72129770c80d5a78?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwinvpXx4vjPAhXLXRoKHbDcB9AQ8gEIGDAA) after all this area was burned. It was beautiful and sad at the same time. Nature itself is an art but after this kind of occasions turn nature´s scenery into living canvas. All green was turned to brownish-yellowish, only very few places had little green leaves or baby-flowers growing. Our surroundings were full of cremated trees, if you barely scraped yourself onto those, you bet you smudged your clothes. We were driving around and imaging ourselves living in those little villages before the fire came.. How can so beautiful thing at the same time be such a tragedy?

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How to share without owning anything?


Few days ago I went to have a lunch in the park, just by myself.. I bought the food from this amazing vegetarian place da Terra and enjoyed the nice weather in the park nearby. After eating half of my food, a homeless came to me asking if I could give him money. As always, me cannot say “no”, tried to find all my coins and gave to him. Of course, you never know what they do with this money (in Estonia people usually spend all it on the booze). He started asking me if I have more food. Of course, I felt the need to give him all my fruits, peanuts and snacks I had taken. When he looked at me, asking if I have anything else, I said that no, only my own food (what I was eating). The guy left and sat down on the next bench. After this situation I started thinking that I can´t finish my food, I have had quite a lot already and he haven´t had anything. Now, looking my food with a totally different perspective, I remembered a quote I heard lately..

“Half of the world is starving while another half is trying to loose weight!” – Tanu B Singh


..and it´s so true!

I decided to go and give all my food to this homeless guy, which made him so happy, which also made me happy! I sat down on the bench and started drawing. After a while sitting there, I noticed the guy again. He was surrounded with pigeons, feeding them with the food I gave. I saw him being very hungry but still he shared even the very little with other beings. This literally broke my heart in a good way. How come people who doesn´t have anything, are willing to share every tiny thing they own and those who have billions and billions, 10 cars and 5 houses in 3 different countries couldn´t even stop for a moment to share a smile with somebody who might really need it.


I went to him, eyes wet and 5 euros in my hands. Trying to show my appreciation towards him with my horrible Portuguese, I said: “I am a student. I dont have much but I hope this will help you a little bit, you have a great heart and I admire you!”
This guys were so grateful! His eyes got also wet. He hugged me and said a lot of beautiful things about how god is watching on me and so on.. (I did not understand everything but I understood the point!)


So there he is, almost every day during the lunchtime.. if you happen to be around, go and share a moment with him, I am sure he is extremely happy just by talking with you. Yes, in Portuguese but well, its a good way to start learning … the language (if you are not Portuguese!) or start learning how to give .. unconditionally! He has a lot to teach!

Location: Mercado Ferreira Borges, Porto, Portugal (,-8.6127162,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xbdf9a36d350cdbae!8m2!3d41.1418163!4d-8.6148886)