Wild nude photoshoot in the Swedish forests


One of the most interesting places where I was invited last year was an acroyoga retreat, organized by my Danish friends. These photos are apart from the main festival and its my own project and I am sharing them now because my exhibition of nude photos are in Tartu Centre for Creative Industries and Cafe Spargel until the end of this month!
Nude photography demands a lot of trust and mostly towards the photographer.
It is very intimate but as some of my clients have said, its also one of the things one must do before death. With my nude photos I want to show how pure and sincere,
mystical and also a bit wild we all are. These characteristics all inside all of us but during everyday lives we might forget how beautiful and special we are and how wonderful world we live in!

Two things what talk to my soul the most in photography are natural light falling on uhman body and shooting in the nature. Because Spring is coming and weather is getting better and better, I decided to share one of the most interesting photoshoots from last year!

When going on a session with partner, it requiers even more trust, collaboration and understanding each other. We all have sides we do not want to show. Nude photography session is something what opens all your wild sides and leaves a mark for the rest of your life. My wish is to create safe space for us to be who we really are, let go of falsh
beliefs and open up!
Besides that, create unforgettable memories also in physical form!

Models: Adishakti Celosse ja Nicolas Sibani
Photographer: Kristin Hansen

If you want to get nude photos of yourself, contact me and lets find together the best solution for you hansenkristinphotography@gmail.com!

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