The Moments of Acroyoga


Pure love and enjoyment, that´s what it is!
What a special feeling it is when I find myself, in the middle of a photo session, concentrated, lying on the moss, trying to find the best angle to capture my second biggest hobby - acroyoga and my angelic friends showing their movements and pops.. And I think: "How wonderful this life really is!" 

They are currently making an online course to teach you all the skills for perfect pops in acroyoga, and believe me, they are good! This side of Europe, Armin is even called "the foot juggler" xD So there is, for sure something to wait for!
Besides technics, you can lear so much more from that course! For example, how to communicate with your partner? How to explane what you want and need? How to motivate them? How to say if you do not feel so good? How not start arguing? And lots more!

Models: Katriin Kalling, Armin Mitt

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