Shooting a video with Tauri Vahesaar, proffessional slackliner, on the biggest lake of Estonia


On the second weekend of March I was invited by my close friend and one of my favourite athletes, Tauri Vahesaar to spend a night on the biggest lake of Estonia to shoot a video of his performance of tricklining.
Our journey started like this..

They droped us in the middle of the lake with this big self-built machine. Idea was to get as far as we could so there wouldnt be any possibility to see the land, like we would be in the snow desert. So the point was 3,3km from the shore where we set up our tent and started putting up the trickline.

Nothing becomes to something..

Time to test the slackline!

Putting up the slackline took us around 1,5 hours after what Tauri started his awesome thing! He is one of the most inspiring people I know. Everything he does, he puts all his heart into. And no matter what happens around, such as few minus degrees and pretty cold wind, doesnt influence is capacity to do what he loves and do it good! During all this, he keeps his huge smile on his face and never stops noticing the well being of others around.

Super awesome slackline session ended with fun acroyoga session.
Photos by: Armin Mitt

Kristjan was fishing the whole evening so we had something to fry in the evening. Dinner was made in special equipment for cooking, we made some tea from snow (jummy!) and dove into one of the most hardest nights of my life so far! Of course we had to speak horror stories how we all drown here in this lake, at it all lasted until the early morning. It was pretty hard for everyone because in particular processes inside the ice the temperature changes, which makes the ice cracking and blowing up. The only person who didnt care much was Tauri. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. His plan B was that when something happens, we will save him anyways!

Our goal was also a night session.
Some of the photos are here:

In conclusion, it was another super awesome project! Already looking forward new oportunities together! Thank you Tauri and others, Thank you oneinchdreams for supporting with slackline gear, thank you Mesi Tare for giving us a nice warm tent and taking good care of us by transporting all of us and our gear.

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He also started fundraising campaign for people who doesnt have clean water.
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