Children fashion photography - home session


Im not a huge fashion photography fan but playing in the closets with children and then having a photoshoot is so much fun! Its so easy to get cool results!
BUT.. with children theres one rule you need to know:
Everything you plan, will be re-planned and cool gets even cooler!

I teach children creative movement and acroyoga classes in Sänna School. Every time I leave, I have energy overload. Im filled with tme spent together, games, laughing from the bottom of our hearts and loads of hugs!
Every time I go there with big plans what we are going to do during the day but what
happens, is always a big surprise!

I feel the same way in every other situation spent with children - we just fit so well!
In this post I share some photos from last week session with my sweet cousins Nora
and Anna, who posed for me so bravely in my own house. All the photos we did with
things we already had - natural light, for backgrounds we used scarfs and already painted walls. In a word, we were creative and just had fun!

If your family wants to organize a photoshoot at home, contact me here:
Let´s dive into fashion photography wirld together, do a make-up, choose clothes, find the spots to take photos, pose, play and create something rememorable together! 

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