Acro Yoga


It is the yoga of trust. It blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.

Acro yoga is neverending fun and process of growing. We are united, we are one, we are family! Whereever you go there is somebody waiting for you, hands open with warm heart, waiting to be part of them. So I  encourage each and every one just to try even once what means „flying“. I promise, you will never be the same!


I have practiced acroyoga since the beginning of 2013. I spent first years practicing by watching diffeent videos with others and rather learning to know by feeling and listening my own body. While building up the acroyoga community in Estonia, I also continued learning under different very good acro yoga teachers. I have teached since 2014, from what the whole 2016 I spent teaching and building up acroyoga community in Porto, Portugal. Since April 2017 I am qualified acroyoga Montreal teacher.

In teaching it is very important for me to give the right technics so people could use their own creativity more easily. Acroyoga for me should be fun, full of trust and understanding!

I also have participated in gymnastics teacher training level 3 in Estonia 2015, participated 3day course of small but intense training course guided by Montreal acroyoga teachers 2015, participated in various Thai massage workshops and learned with different yogis from all over the world. I have also given acrobatics classes for children and participated as a teacher in acrobatics children camp 2015. You may find me teaching in Porto, Portugal and Tartu, Estonia.


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Kristin Hansen

Invite me and others to give a workshop of acroyoga for your group of friends or children. We could organize an interesting ice-breaking games and getting to know your colleagues of your company or just a regular class of acroyoga.
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