How to share without owning anything?


Few days ago I went to have a lunch in the park, just by myself.. I bought the food from this amazing vegetarian place da Terra and enjoyed the nice weather in the park nearby. After eating half of my food, a homeless came to me asking if I could give him money. As always, me cannot say “no”, tried to find all my coins and gave to him. Of course, you never know what they do with this money (in Estonia people usually spend all it on the booze). He started asking me if I have more food. Of course, I felt the need to give him all my fruits, peanuts and snacks I had taken. When he looked at me, asking if I have anything else, I said that no, only my own food (what I was eating). The guy left and sat down on the next bench. After this situation I started thinking that I can´t finish my food, I have had quite a lot already and he haven´t had anything. Now, looking my food with a totally different perspective, I remembered a quote I heard lately..

“Half of the world is starving while another half is trying to loose weight!” – Tanu B Singh


..and it´s so true!

I decided to go and give all my food to this homeless guy, which made him so happy, which also made me happy! I sat down on the bench and started drawing. After a while sitting there, I noticed the guy again. He was surrounded with pigeons, feeding them with the food I gave. I saw him being very hungry but still he shared even the very little with other beings. This literally broke my heart in a good way. How come people who doesn´t have anything, are willing to share every tiny thing they own and those who have billions and billions, 10 cars and 5 houses in 3 different countries couldn´t even stop for a moment to share a smile with somebody who might really need it.


I went to him, eyes wet and 5 euros in my hands. Trying to show my appreciation towards him with my horrible Portuguese, I said: “I am a student. I dont have much but I hope this will help you a little bit, you have a great heart and I admire you!”
This guys were so grateful! His eyes got also wet. He hugged me and said a lot of beautiful things about how god is watching on me and so on.. (I did not understand everything but I understood the point!)


So there he is, almost every day during the lunchtime.. if you happen to be around, go and share a moment with him, I am sure he is extremely happy just by talking with you. Yes, in Portuguese but well, its a good way to start learning … the language (if you are not Portuguese!) or start learning how to give .. unconditionally! He has a lot to teach!

Location: Mercado Ferreira Borges, Porto, Portugal (,-8.6127162,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xbdf9a36d350cdbae!8m2!3d41.1418163!4d-8.6148886)


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