Back to Porto?


My story starts here! Well.. actually its not the real start. Like you may read from the heading, its a follow-up for something. It is a follow-up for my adventures in Portugal student city Porto. Exactley, adventures! I experienced a lot of adventures there and this is where I am aiming also this time!

Life is beautiful, full of wonderful moments. My goal is to collect experiences. I say “yes” to everything and store up everything experienced with my 4 cameras. For a photography student keeping memories this way is really important!

So.. during next months I am going to share about my doings in Portugal and its close countries here. Since I landed here (aproximately a week ago) I have already driven through almost 2000km, slept in tents in Portugal most beautiful places, hiked, climbed on dangerous mountains, jumped off from really high cliffs, had lunches in the most romantic places, swam naked, literally starred the sunsets, stars and the moon, discussed hours and hours about the world around us, danced, played, ate more ice-cream than I have toes and fingers on my body, cried, laughed, hugged and lived more in the moment than some live during whole their lives. About all this I will talk in more details in my blog.

All the best stories and adventures I will share in Archimedes student blog page ( which will be in Estonian.
Here, on my facebook page and instagram you will find everything in English!

For the start, I would like to share my analogue photos of my time in Porto from last semester, maybe it answers the question: “Back to Porto?”

More pictures you may find here:


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