Mystical creatures

“I believe in everything until its disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all excists, even if its in your mind. Who´s to say that dreams and nightmares aren ´t as real as HERE and NOW!?”
(John Lennon)

Valmisweb-9487 Valmisweb-9496“She was born wild and curious.
A cage is no place for someone like that.
“I play with the fire of my own truth, ” she told me,
“I will burn for the things I Love!”
(Mia Hollow)

“We are thousand galaxies compressed in one body. We are fire, light, power, beauty! We are the spidery stars and the blazing fireballs that explode under our skin. We are the wings that await the drug of flight. We are strong as the sea and limitless as the sky!
And theres no reason to think otherwise!



“most importantly love
like it’s the only thing you know
at the end of the day
all this means nothing
this page
where you’re sitting
your degree
your job
your money
nothing even matters
except love and human connection
who you loved
and how deeply you loved them
how you touched the people around you
and how much you gave them”

-Rupi Kaur

They fight with fire for us!// Nad võitlevad meie pärast tulega!

Ma olen lihtsalt nii tänulik, et elu toob mulle järjest ägedamaid projekte ja vahvamaid võimalusi. Eelmisel nädalal käisin Tõrvas tuletõrjujaid pildistamas, kes plaanivad järgmise aasta lõpus Lõuna-Koreasse tuletõrjujate võistlustele sõita. Selle jaoks aga teeme kalendri ning alustame hooandja taolise projektiga. // Selle kohta peagi rohkem informatsiooni!
Im so grateful to be part of great projects. Last week I did a photoshoot with firefighters of Tõrva to help them gather money for their trip to South-Korea to participate in firefighters competition. // More information how to support them coming soon

Pildistamise käigus tegime tuld, plahvatusi, “mängisime” vee ning tossuga..
JA kui me olime lõpetanud, olin ma täiesti tolmune, tahmane ja läbimärg! haha – aga vähemalt sai täiega nalja!
We made some fire, crazy explosions, played with water and smoke..
SO.. after we finished, I was super dirty and totally wet! haha – but we had so much fun!

Ja hetk, mis jääb mul alatiseks meelde – kuidas keset tõsist pildistamisprotsessi ning  (poolpaljaste) meeste selja taga tegi keegi järsku uue plahvatuse, mida me ei oodanud, mille peale kõik kutid koos õhku kargasid, ise karjudes nagu väikesed tüdrukud.. – nunnu!
The best part was when the strong firemen were posing for me (half naked)
Then somebody made a huge explosion behind and all the men were jumping around and screaming like little girls 😀 I will remember this moment forever – hilarious!..


AGA.. Selline olukord paneb ka mõtlema, et tegelikult pole tuli mänguasi! Nemad teevad tööd selleks, et teha maailmast parem ning turvalisem paik! Nemad tagavad meie ohutuse ning riskivad oma eludega, et meid päästa!
Siiski, pole keegi meis surematu..
BUT.. It also remindes that fire is not a toy. They work for to make the world a better place, they work for us to be safe and secure! They risk with theirs lives to help us!
Still, nobody is immortal..


This project helps firefighters of Tõrva collect money for their trip to South-Korea.
We are going to do a fundraising and create calendars so everybody will have a chance to support them! Stay tuned!
See projekt aitab Tõrva tuletõrjujatel koguda raha ning sõita Lõuna-Koreasse tuletõrjujate võistlustele. Me teeme fotodest kalendri ning alustame ka projektiga, kus kõik, kes soovivad, saavad anda oma panuse meie armsate tuletõrjujate abistamiseks!
Stay tuned!

Vinged fotod sellest, mis toimus võtteplatsi taga tulevad varsti..
Behind the scenes photos coming soon..


I love walking and I love it way more than Im afraid of falling.

I have been thinking about limitations lately. What we think we are capable of and what our bodies actually are capable of are two very different things!

After a week in Germany, few weeks in Portugal – our amazing acroyoga festival and a day in London, I finally got back home and I have some time to share my experiences.

I went to Germany in the end of September to visit a friend, we ended up going for a 2-day hike in Austria which was much more than just a walk for me.

We started from Ranalt, which is around 1400meters above sea level, from where we had long and slow walk up to Nürnbergen Hütte (2297m) where we spent our night, the next day we started early, waking up at 6AM and starting our walk around 7.30 with special equipment for snow and ice. It was pretty heavy to get up there to 3418meters but it was worth every step and sweat drop!

My phisical conditions were okay, I train a loooot. Still, my body is not used with this kind of things as in Estonia our highest point is 318meters. The hardest for me was the altitude. I felt loads of changes in my body because of changes in the air pressure, the needs to eat and drink all the time and also adapting with just the walking part. Its like a meditation to go up there, mostly not talking, walking for hours – SO GREAT but also hard!

Going up there, breathing the freedom, stepping out of the comfort zone and doing something I thought my body is not able to, gives amazing energy overload. This feeling is something uncomparable!


I think it changes something inside us, it gives us something and teaches us too – why, otherwise, all the people go there..


Lensculture Photography awards

So here I am with my work, one of the entries for the best photography awards. The link is here, if you like what I do, support me ❤️🙏

This is my story – I do what I love and I try to listen my soul, my heart my body to really put my whole being into the things I do. Every day I feel that I am on the right path because every time I share something from my heart, more oportunities come on my way! For me, life is about sharing, being honest and showing what makes ME happy! So this, here, makes me extremely happy! I am so grateful for having more and more possibilities to be part of wonderful projects all over the world, work with amazing, inspiring souls and share this one precious thing we never get back – time, like I do now!

So if you feel that my works, my style, the way I am, talked with your soul and you would like to share yourself and your time with me, let me know: and book a photo session with me or just write me!
One more week you may find me in Estonia (until 20th September)
Week after Germany (Munich, Frankfurt 20-27 September)
then 2 weeks in Portugal (27th of September until 10th of October)
PS: I do loads more than just nude photography





One of the most rare but beautiful things in life is the ability to listen! Its not when youre nudging with your head while the other person is speaking, its not when youre already having thousand thoughts in your mind what to answer when she is finished. Its listening with the intent to understand! I find it hard but also so important and so fascinating when the other person is really with you with all their cells and moleculs! Its like, you can trust your whole being to that other person, or, you become as one. Its like, theres no need for the words anymore because sometimes presence, breathing and feeling the other’s soul is all that you need to really understand each other!
And oh, how much our bodies have to say, if we really listen!

What if.. ?


I think the best thing is just constantly imagine yourself being 80, sitting in a rocking chair and looking back on your life. Think about all the possibilities you are being presented each day and ask: “Would my 80-year old self would be happy with all this?” “Did I do everything what my soul craved for or did left something undone because of fear, circumstances, pain or somebody else?”

Models: Nicolas Sibani and Adishakti Celosse

More about my acroyoga and photography work on my Instagram: hansenkristinphotography and facebook page: Hansen Kristin Photography & Acroyoga