I believe that the most important moments in life are the namless moments, what just happen. They are not planned but they are always shared with somebody who matters!
Yes, these photos here are made of me and my heartfriend! I share them here because the authors are us + one tripod which comes from a shed.

Me and Rees, we were in a wedding. We were walking around, it was a wonderful evening. After noticing that the sun is setting we saw that there is also a fog being created by the cold air near the ground. We decided to jump over the electric fence (me with a white dress stepping on his head)..
These are the moments I love to capture the most!
Photos: Canon Mark II f1.8

We are grateful for Kristel and Henry (photo of the beautiful couple below) for inviting!
Party was just wonderful. We contributed with our new acrobatic show, what we
performed in front of a little hill! Video here:
Kristel & Henry

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