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If it wasnt enough, then theres a buch of information about me below.

I have BA in photography in Tartu Art College (2018), which of one year I spent studying as Erasmus student in Portugal ESAP (2016-2017).
I have worked together with many known entreprises, I have done photos for many Estonian magazines (Senda, Hingele Pai, Pere ja Kodu), you may find my photos from many books (Kõhule Pai, Merit Raju) and many other Estonian magazines.
I have been photographic big festivals such as Estonian Yoga Festival, Indiefest and participated in different festivals and projects abroad.
I have worked many years as a desctop publisher (for Tartu University OLE ROHKEM magazine (2016-2017) and Estonian University of Life Science (2016 - ..)) I also do freelance grafic design (business cards, logos, posters etc).
I have finished BA in Estonian Entrepreneurship Univeristy of Applied Science, Interior Design  (2015) .

I am qualified acroyoga Montreal couch (2017) and participated in Estonian Gymnastics Federation gymnastics couch training (2015). I have taught acro yoga since 2014 in Estonia, in Portugal 2016-2017, in 2017 I travelled around the world and taught also in Finland, Germany, China. Since 2016 also at Estonian Yogafestival.

I have participated in many youth exchanges:
Social Entrepreneurship training "GESS - Global Entrepreneurship Summer School". Shanghai, China (2017)
Youth Exchange “Artify the frames”. Zetale, Slovenia. (2016)
Youth Exchange s “Stars children - a way to recycle”. Godrano, Sicily, Italy (2015)
Youth Exchange “Art in Action”. Guimareas, Portugal (2015)
Youth Exchange “From Europe with Love”. Brüssels, Chassepierre, Belgium (2015)

I got a nomination as Erasmus of the year 2018

"Mina ka” Old Võru Kultuurimõis (2017)
"Konflict" TKK III course joint exhibition in Tartu Print Museum, My work was called: "Love is Free" (2017)
TKK II course joint exhibition in Nooruse Gallery. 3 of my underwater photos (2016)

I have long experience in organizing events. I have organized many small acroyoga events and festivals in Estonia and Portugal, I have invited many teachers to teach in Estonia and Portugal. I have co-organized many joint exhibitions, been actively part in changing school life, as being a part of Tartu Art College student council (2017-2018)
I am also one main organizer of annual Portugal acroyoga festival, which hosts 60+ people.

I am into cocial projects. I am currently participating in Domus Dorpatensis social entrepreneurship program (2017-2018).
With my photos and stories I try to bid everything what I was describing here - I try to bring awareness in nowadays problems but also joy, to get throught these things to people and do it all with whole my heart!

Phone: +372 53302167